Smart Pool

Fibreglass Pools of the Future – Smart Swimming Pools

This article describes how the pools of future are transforming the lifestyle of families and individuals across the globe. As swimming pool manufacturing technology is being constantly upgraded worldwide, the products are becoming sleek, modern, lightweight and stylish. And when I refer to “smart pools”, it means intelligently designed lifestyle products for user comfort and […]

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Family Fibreglass Pool Party

Poolside Parties are Now Getting Extensively Entertaining

Australians love partying with family and friends. And that is quite evident from the private poolside parties which are now quite a common phenomenon in almost all households across the board. It is a part of the ‘extended’ lifestyle. And why not… When the much-awaited festive season is around the corner. This is a sort […]

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Fibreglass Pool Installation

Fibreglass Pool Installation in Australia – Pros and Cons

What seems to be a very easy task from a layman's point of view, is quite complex, time-consuming and cumbersome activity. It not just digging the ground and lowering the swimming pool in the cavity. It all depends upon the expertise and professionalism of the installer. And Australia has some of the most reputable fibreglass […]

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Eco Friendly Fibreglass Pool

Eco-Friendly Pool is the Buzzword Among New Australian Homes

Sounds interesting right! And why not, when the world is going “Eco-Friendly” to reduce carbon footprints, then how can the fibreglass pool industry be left behind. Australian pool manufacturers are building ‘natural’ pools to make the lives of individuals healthier and safer. By the term ‘natural’, I mean swimming pools that are self-sustainable in every […]

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Fibreglass Pool

In-ground Fibreglass Pools versus Above-Ground Pools – An Overview

Come summer, there’s an urgent need felt to get a swimming pool installed in a home backyard. In Australia, it is no longer a luxury to have a lifestyle enhancement product like a private pool, or for that matter, an Italian Jacuzzi. Rather, it is a necessity considering the ‘record-breaking’ heatwave, every passing year. As […]

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factors affecting pool location

Pool location: How to work out the perfect pool place!

The location of your pool is the first thing that will pop up in your mind when you first start envisioning your fibreglass pool. It’s important to decide on an area that not only looks aesthetic but is also most feasible. Various factors like size and shape of the property it’s going to be build […]

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factors affecting pool choices

Factors that can effect your pool choice!

One of the most hardest choices you’ve to make after deciding that you want a pool is what exactly do you want and need in your swimming pool? It isn’t a choice you want to make on a whim so here’s our approach on the matter: What should you get depends on the various factors […]

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Pool Space Essentials

Now that your fibreglass pool is installed and ready it’s time to consider about making a few additions that will make your pool area a cool and vibrant space to hang out in. You don’t have to spend a ludicrous amount for getting that perfect outdoor space. 1. Hammock Hammocks are really cool and comfy […]

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string lights

Types of Pool Lights you could try for your fibreglass pool

Summer sunny times and pool times are often synonymous for us. We just don’t seem to get enough of it but why should we stop at having fun just while the sun is up. Adding a good pool lighting system not only adds to your pool’s visual appeal but also gives a little safety. Underwater […]

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