Pool Equipments

Things every fibreglass pool owner needs to possess: Guide To Follow!!

You’ve installed your fibreglass pool and are all set to enjoy the serene waves and fun splashes, but aren’t you forgetting something too crucial to your pool’s longevity?? Your pool is brand new today but it won’t be after a while.In between maintenance visits, your pool undergoes some grave deprecation. From chemical residue around the […]

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Underwater Pool Lights

Led VS Conventional Incandescent Pool Lighting

For decades, traditional or incandescent pool lighting has always been a must-have for pool owners. Yet, when LED lighting technology broke through the market, things changed. Comparison between the two pool lighting systems have been made and as a result, incandescent-lit pools became LED-lit ones. Below are some of the benefits LED pool lighting has […]

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Fibreglass Pool Covers

Various Types Of Pool Covers

Are you considering having a pool cover installed? Any pool lasts longer with the right pool cover. It protects the pool from sediments and keeps the treated pool water from evaporating. If it’s durable enough, it can even prevent children and pets from falling in. Below are some types of pool covers to consider: Track-style. […]

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Chlorine Pools

Why many still choose chlorinated pools

Chlorinated fibreglass pools are preferred by many pool owners. Chlorine, as a synthetic chemical has been proven to be efficient in killing algae and bacteria. It is quick in getting rid of the contaminants. Pool owners just shock their pools with chlorine to get back the pristine, sanitized water, in which they want to swim. […]

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Fibreglass Pool Health

Health Benefits of a Salt Water Fibreglass Pool

Investing in a saltwater fibreglass pool has many benefits, health being one of those. Below we’ll take a look at some health benefits of a saltwater pools: Safer for the body. Saltwater pools have low chlorine levels. A conventional pool has higher amounts of chlorine. A saltwater pool doesn’t require additional chlorine weekly. It only […]

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Fibreglass Pool Landscaping

Landscaping Tips For Your Fibreglass Pool

Looking at your newly installed fibreglass pool now against your backyard, you realize that it seems a bit bare. The pool builders have done an amazing job of installing your inground fibreglass swimming pool but something seems to be missing. Your pool can very well be the centrepiece of your yard if landscaped properly. It […]

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Complete Fibreglass Pool

Why Should I Choose a Fibreglass Pool?

The decision to get your very own pool can be a challenge, especially of you don’t have a big back yard for it. Time flies and soon, it’s summer again. You would be craving for some refreshing downtime in the privacy of your own yard. If you are determined to get a pool, the most […]

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Why fibreglass pools are easiest to maintain

Why Fiberglass Pools are Easiest to Maintain

Fiberglass pools are becoming more and more popular because of the fact that it is easy to maintain. Any fiberglass pool owner is blown away by how ridiculously stress-free it is to keep their pool going. Have you ever asked yourself why this is so? Below are a couple of reasons why fiberglass pools are […]

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Debunked myths about fibreglass pools

Debunked Myths About Fibreglass Pools

Are you thinking about getting a fiberglass pool? Or are you thinking twice because of several myths and rumours you have been hearing about it? To clear the air about fiberglass pools, here are some of the known myths about the fibreglass pools and why you should disregard them: Fiberglass pools pop out. Generally, any […]

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