Pool Maintenance

Love Your Pool? Keep it Clean

You’ve installed a fiberglass pool and have been enjoying it over the summer. Your outdoor area has become the centre of your home entertainment, and a place to relax and reflect. Of course you never want this to end, and with a fiberglass pool, it doesn’t have to. Fiberglass pool installations will last for decades, […]

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Benefits of Choosing a Fibreglass Pool

While a traditional swimming pool has some appeal, fibreglass pools offer quite a few benefits to the homeowner. This includes the fact that when you install a new fibreglass pool in Australia, it can be installed in just a few days. In comparison, a traditional pool takes several weeks with a professional installation. Because of […]

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Inground Pools Solar Heating

How does solar heating work?

During the summer, your pool is the focal point of your outdoor entertainment. Being able to relax, or even take a little exercise in the sun, is something that far outweighs the cost of your pool installation. However when the sun goes down, or even in the winter, taking a dip doesn’t sound so appealing. […]

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Pool kits Sunshine Coast

Difference between fiberglass and plastic pools

Swimming pools are all the rage in the summer months, and with good reason. They provide both entertainment and exercise in addition to allowing you to cool off. When it comes to finding the right one, there are several questions that you will need to ask. First of all, what kind of pool do you […]

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inground pool maintenance

How often should you shock your pool?

Caring for a swimming pool whether in ground or above ground may seem complicated, in fact it’s quite the opposite once you understand how, in fact, it’s EASY. A frequent question that comes up is “how often do I shock my pool?” The first thing that we need to understand is exactly what “shocking” the pool does […]

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Inground Pool Covers

Do you really need a pool cover?

When you see the cost of a pool cover, you might wonder how important a pool cover really is. While pool covers may just seem like something that is tossed over your pool and forgotten, they actually are incredibly useful and with time generally pay for themselves. They Will Reduce Evaporation When summer heat is […]

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Pools that require the most and least maintenance

An inground swimming pool provide a great place to relax and enjoy the outdoors while staying cool. However, if you’ve been considering an inground swimming pools, you know that you have several options. Three options for inground pools include fiberglass, concrete, and vinyl liner pools. One of the big concerns with a new swimming pool […]

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Fibre Glass Pools VS Concrete Pools

Swimming pool prices continue to drop, making it more affordable for families to add a pool to their home. A pool offers a perfect way to have fun, get some exercise, and cool off from the heat. Of course, a pool is still an investment, so it’s important to consider your options when choosing your […]

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Which pool pump speed is best

Pool pumps are essential for your pool. They help to filter our debris and reduce the growth of algae and other concerns by keeping the water moving. But with so many different speed options on the market, it can be a struggle to find the one that’s right for you. So should you choose a […]

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