Swim Up Bar

Why You May Say Yes to Swim-up Bars

Many homeowners use their pools to entertain family and friends. Having a pool space for this purpose is convenient and fashionable. Imagine adding more sophistication to your pool party, without even leaving the water. For this purpose, a swim-up bar does the job right. Below are some of the advantages in having your very own […]

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Fibreglass Pool Lighting

Benefits of Led Pool Lighting

Modern pools already use LED lighting for so many good reasons. These cost effective form of pool lights have come a long way and they are changing the way pools should be illuminated. Have you ever considered LED pool lighting for our home pool? What is LED Pool Lighting? Light emitting diode (LED) light technology […]

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Natural Fibreglass Swimming Pool

The Eco-Friendly Swimming Pool

If you’re tired of wallowing in chemicals, each time you spend time in your pool, perhaps it’s time to make a change. An environment-friendly pool not saturated with chemicals is now possible to acquire. It is called a natural swimming pool or NSP. But how could a pool remain safe and swimmable without chemicals? What […]

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Small Fibreglass Pool

Should You Have A Spool?

A small yard is not an excuse not to have a pool. Obviously, you will not be able to have an Olympic size one, but it is still possible. All you need is a spool. Also known as a cocktail pool, this is a small swimming pool to have if you only have limited yard […]

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Fibreglass Pool Covers

Various Types Of Pool Covers

Are you considering having a pool cover installed? Any pool lasts longer with the right pool cover. It protects the pool from sediments and keeps the treated pool water from evaporating. If it’s durable enough, it can even prevent children and pets from falling in. Below are some types of pool covers to consider: Track-style. […]

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Fibreglass Pool Shapes

Types Of Modern Pools Based On Shape

Modern pools are far from the pools of decades ago. Pool designers have gone far in innovating and transforming the limits of an ordinary swimming pool. Perhaps you are thinking of having one of these pools whose shapes are extraordinary. Here are some modern pool types based on their shapes. Perimeter Overflow. This rectangular pool […]

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Smalll Fibreglass Pool

Pools For Small Yards

If you have a very small yard, but you know you need a pool, then a plunge pool is the only way to go. Having a plunge pool in your premises is a great way to unwind or even heal, especially after a hard day or week at work. Read on and know more about […]

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Automatic Fibreglass Pool Cover

Features Of Automatic Safety Covers

Your very own fibreglass pool is an investment. It is a great venue for cooling down, parties, or barbecues, but how do you protect it? Have you ever stopped to think that if you protect your pool effectively enough, you end up protecting your household as well? An automatic safety cover effectively creates a thick, […]

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Pool Surface Skimmer

Essentials Of A Pool Skimmer

Wouldn’t it be great if you have an in-house pool cleaner working whenever necessary? That is exactly what a pool skimmer does. It helps skim the surface of the water. As it does, it catches debris such as dead insects, leaves, petals, oil, and twigs before they reach the bottom of the pool. For In-ground […]

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