Family Fibreglass Pool Party

Poolside Parties are Now Getting Extensively Entertaining

Australians love partying with family and friends. And that is quite evident from the private poolside parties which are now quite a common phenomenon in almost all households across the board. It is a part of the ‘extended’ lifestyle. And why not… When the much-awaited festive season is around the corner. This is a sort […]

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Milan Fibreglass Pool Design

Inground Fibreglass Pools – From the Perspective of Homes & Hotels

In Australia, not just individual homes, small to midsize hotels have also shown considerable interest in installing the latest inground fibreglass swimming pools in their backyard. It is not that they did not have swimming pools installed. Simply, by replacing their existing Vinyl coated or concrete ‘above-the-ground’ ones, the premium/budget hotels wants to portray an […]

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Imperial Pool Design

Why Modern Homeowners are Turning to Fibreglass?

In Australia, statistics reveal that more than 63% of homeowners who are installing a new pool are opting for fibreglass made ones. It’s not that they are blindly choosing fibreglass over other materials. In fact, there goes an extensive research, comparison and review before zeroing upon this latest swimming pool version or type. And why […]

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In-Ground Fibreglass Pool In Backyard

Inground Fibreglass Swimming Pools – A Necessity in Australia

In Australia, private lap swimming pools are now a necessary addition to homes, considering the intense nature of heat during the summers. They are now part of the lifestyle of almost all average Australian residences. It is not just swimming pools; Spas and Jacuzzis are also hugely popular among small residences. But it is a […]

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Pool Party

Why Fibreglass Pool Community is Growing Big in Australia

Yes, I would mention the term ‘community’, as there are homes that have different types of pools installed in their backyard. There are concrete Above-the-Ground, Vinyl Liner, Gunite and cheap plastic pools, apart from Jacuzzis and Spas. Out of all these, it is a fibreglass pool that stands out in the crowd simply because of […]

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Fibreglass Pool Shape 1

Fibreglass Pool Dimension, Layout and Size

Well, it depends on 2 important factors. In Australia, Space availability and price. I guess there’s no dearth of space, barring few exceptions. And speaking about price, homes are affluent nowadays to have an inground fibreglass pool. Today, there are swimming pools in varying dimensions, size and shapes. It can easily fit a backyard of […]

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Fibreglass Pools In Australia

Few Variations in Swimming Pools – An Australian Perspective

Swimming pools have now become indispensable ‘lifestyle products’ for a good number of Australian households. It is all due to an abnormal rise in the Mercury levels for almost 5-6 consecutive years, or even more. I guess the pool builders and installers are thankful to the El-Nino effect for sure. It is like a blessing […]

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Fibreglass Pool Installation

Fibreglass Pool Installation in Australia – Pros and Cons

What seems to be a very easy task from a layman's point of view, is quite complex, time-consuming and cumbersome activity. It not just digging the ground and lowering the swimming pool in the cavity. It all depends upon the expertise and professionalism of the installer. And Australia has some of the most reputable fibreglass […]

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Fibreglass Pool Maintenance

Inground Fibreglass Pool Maintenance – Expert Tips & Suggestions

Myths need to be shattered about fibreglass pool maintenance. It is a proven fact now that Inground Fibreglass Pools require less maintenance than the Above-the-Ground Concrete or Vinyl liner swimming pools. It’s true! What's more important, it's easier and less cumbersome to maintain the right ‘Water Chemistry’ for one such contemporary lifestyle product. Today’s fibreglass […]

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