string lights

Types of Pool Lights you could try for your fibreglass pool

Summer sunny times and pool times are often synonymous for us. We just don’t seem to get enough of it but why should we stop at having fun just while the sun is up. Adding a good pool lighting system not only adds to your pool’s visual appeal but also gives a little safety. Underwater […]

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Healthy Swimming

Be Safe with your swimming: Tips to Follow!!

A cool and refreshing swim is one of the most attractive points of having a crisp summer and a backyard fibreglass pool, but none of that matters if you’re not being alert for safety of your kids. Here’s a few things you should look out for when installing a pool in your backyard. Get a […]

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benefits of fibreglass

Fibreglass Pools – 5 Reasons they’re exactly what you need!!

Fibreglass pools are better than concrete or vinyl, why so??.. Here’s the answer,read up on the following to know more about the greatness that is Fibreglass Pool. 1.Easy to Maintain One thing that every company engaged in the swimming pool industry agrees on is how low maintenance fibreglass pools are as compared to other options […]

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fibreglass pool surrounds


There are a thousand things to consider before you make such a hefty investment but when it comes down to it, some factors effect your decision to have your own pool more than others!! Building a pool is not only the cost of building but also the maintenance and other amenities that come with it. […]

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Landscaping in backyard Fibreglass Pool

5 Reasons you should definitely own a fibreglass pool!!

Read up to know more on why you should own a backyard pool:- 1. Water is FUN! This is a no brainer but still you can’t stress enough on the fact that having a private pool in your own backyard is not only comfortable for you but is also actually more fun than going to […]

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Fibreglass Pool

Things every fibreglass pool owner needs to possess: Guide To Follow!!

You’ve installed your fibreglass pool and are all set to enjoy the serene waves and fun splashes, but aren’t you forgetting something too crucial to your pool’s longevity?? Your pool is brand new today but it won’t be after a while.In between maintenance visits, your pool undergoes some grave deprecation. From chemical residue around the […]

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Importance of Pool Covers

Why You Should Use Pool Covers??

So, you’ve put out money for a pool in your yard. Now, you stand beside it, wondering how you are going to protect it from the elements. The immediate answer to this is a pool cover. Automatic or manual, pool covers are indispensable in the world of pool ownership and maintenance. Here are some of […]

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Poollight Troubleshooting Tips

Pool Lights TroubleShooting Tips

Pool owners would love to see breathtaking lights illuminating their poolscape. It is important to have continuous lighting systems in or around the pool to keep everyone safe. Yet some lights don’t last long. You don’t need to call an electrician or a pool contractor to fix your pool lights. It can be confusing at […]

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Solar Pool Heater

Choosing Your Solar Pool Heater

It is tempting to just click on pool heater websites or drive to the nearest pool supply store the moment you decide on getting a solar pool heater. To bring a good purchase home, you must first know the various types of solar pool heaters out there. This way, you have an idea what your […]

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