Solar Pool Heater

Choosing Your Solar Pool Heater

It is tempting to just click on pool heater websites or drive to the nearest pool supply store the moment you decide on getting a solar pool heater. To bring a good purchase home, you must first know the various types of solar pool heaters out there. This way, you have an idea what your […]

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Underwater Treadmill

Underwater Running In Therapy Pools

Water therapy is excellent for patients who need to exercise without impact. Workouts like running can be hard on the joints and may cause damage. With the help of an underwater treadmill, you can transform your fiberglass pool into an ideal hub for various physical routines in the premise of your home. Running is an […]

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outdoor shower

Outdoor Shower for Your Fibreglass Pool

Now that you are a proud owner of a new fibreglass pool, what could be a refreshing addition to it? An outdoor shower is a great answer to this question. It is an indispensable pool feature that can make your pool experience a lot more convenient. Do you wish you don’t need to remind the […]

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Fibreglass Pool Lights

Types Of Lights For Your Fibreglass Pool

Anyone cannot resist an attractive fibreglass pool. One of the best ways to achieve a beautiful, inviting pool is to pick the right pool light. If you are a new fibreglass pool owner, it is best to know the types of pool lights available out there. In doing so, you can choose the right one […]

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Underwater Pool Lights

Led VS Conventional Incandescent Pool Lighting

For decades, traditional or incandescent pool lighting has always been a must-have for pool owners. Yet, when LED lighting technology broke through the market, things changed. Comparison between the two pool lighting systems have been made and as a result, incandescent-lit pools became LED-lit ones. Below are some of the benefits LED pool lighting has […]

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Fibreglass Pool Water Features

Considering a Water Feature for Your Pool?

Adding water features in pools is a popular way to spice up the swimming experience. The entire pool in your backyard can turn into a personal water park for you and your family with the right water feature. It is tempting to shell out money for such an add-on, but is it worth it? Here […]

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benefits of fibreglass

Why You May Say Yes to Swim-up Bars

Many homeowners use their pools to entertain family and friends. Having a pool space for this purpose is convenient and fashionable. Imagine adding more sophistication to your pool party, without even leaving the water. For this purpose, a swim-up bar does the job right. Below are some of the advantages in having your very own […]

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Fibreglass Pool Lighting

Benefits of Led Pool Lighting

Modern pools already use LED lighting for so many good reasons. These cost effective form of pool lights have come a long way and they are changing the way pools should be illuminated. Have you ever considered LED pool lighting for our home pool? What is LED Pool Lighting? Light emitting diode (LED) light technology […]

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Natural Fibreglass Swimming Pool

The Eco-Friendly Swimming Pool

If you’re tired of wallowing in chemicals, each time you spend time in your pool, perhaps it’s time to make a change. An environment-friendly pool not saturated with chemicals is now possible to acquire. It is called a natural swimming pool or NSP. But how could a pool remain safe and swimmable without chemicals? What […]

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