Pool Entry

Thoughts on pool entry and how to pick what works for you!

While planning a pool, a grand entrance and a safe exit must be one of the first things you should plan about. But most of the time, we are so distracted with other aspects of installing a pool that this minute detail is overlooked in favor of other bigger details like pool size, shape, type […]

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L-shaped pool

Advantages of L-shaped pool

A rectangular shaped pool has its own proven perks and benefits. Allowing various water depths, easy blending with common architectural styles and a sense of simple timeless beauty. Even though the simple design has its own charm, there are a few advantages to having a curve design or an L-shaped pool. Feel grand with pool […]

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factors affecting pool location

Pool location: How to work out the perfect pool place!

The location of your pool is the first thing that will pop up in your mind when you first start envisioning your fibreglass pool. It’s important to decide on an area that not only looks aesthetic but is also most feasible. Various factors like size and shape of the property it’s going to be build […]

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factors affecting pool choices

Factors that can effect your pool choice!

One of the most hardest choices you’ve to make after deciding that you want a pool is what exactly do you want and need in your swimming pool? It isn’t a choice you want to make on a whim so here’s our approach on the matter: What should you get depends on the various factors […]

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stone edged pool

Decorative ideas for a NO-GRASS pool zone!!

Having a backyard fibreglass pool is a wonderful feeling, but there are several other things that you need to take care of before you start enjoying your summer baths. Grassy lawns are a thing of past with so many new vibrating ideas to follow, you don’t need to worry if your backyard isn’t accommodating grass […]

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Fibreglass Pool

Keeping your fibreglass pool clean!

When installing your fibreglass pool, you have such stars in your eyes but dealing with a pool is no easy task. Pools need to be properly taken care of if you want your pool to not only look good but feel good too, read up to find out the best way of taking care of […]

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Fire Feature

Work “MAGIC” on your small pool: A Beginner’s Guide

Having an Olympic sized pool is kind of a fantasy for some very enthusiastic swimmers but not many of us have that kind of property lying around. If you’re one of those people, read this to find out how having a small pool could actually be a nicer idea than having a larger one. Interested […]

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Pool Filter

Swimming pool filters for various pool needs!!

Swimming pool is not all fun and games, it involves work like maintaining your poolside clean and safe for you and your loved ones. Here comes in the picture, the right kind of pool filter which will make sure that your pool water is crystal clear at all times. Without a good pool filter, your […]

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Resort style pool

Resort style pool features to think of for your backyard pool!

People always dream about staying at luxurious resorts and lounging by the tropic style pool but it’s not always possible to be vacation, is it? Your backyard pool can be easily transformed into a resort style pool, a little costly but a nice way to add to your pool’s appeal, here’s our list of features […]

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