Planning a fibreglass swimming pool site

Planning Fibreglass Pool Install

A swimming pool is a prized investment, which looks best if placed in the right spot, with maximum visibility. Planning a DIY fibreglass swimming pool site, is best done after taking these points into consideration. Usage If you plan to spend more time relaxing on the pool edge than swimming, choose a spot with sufficient

Oasis Reflection and Starry Night Pools

Fibreglass Infinity Pools

For a great pool idea, you can create a lifted area where you can have an infinity pool overlooking a serene garden. The idea behind this pool and setting is for tranquility and peace of mind. When an infinity pool is raised, it gives the illusion that the water is flowing endlessly into the horizon.

Tips for Landscaping around your Fibreglass Pool

Fibreglass Pools Landscaping

So you’ve found the right fibreglass pool dealer, your pool is in the ground and ready to go. Your pool will quickly become the focal point of the entire back yard. No matter what else is in your yard, the pool will most likely attract the most attention. That being said, you can either have a stark

Fibreglass Pools VS Concrete Pools

Inground Fibreglass Pool

You may have seen fibreglass pool kits online and wondered how they compare to traditional concrete pools. Both are effective ways to install a pool in the backyard, but there are quite a few advantages that make these fibreglass pools more desirable over the traditional concrete pools for your home. The first advantage is they

Why Winter is a Great Time for a DIY Pool Install?

Pool Builders Winter

It might seem a strange time to install a pool in the middle of winter. After all, you won’t be using the pool until the warmer summer months. The truth is, when you are installing DIY Fibreglass Pool Kits, you’ll want to beat the heat and take advantage of the cooler months of the year.

Landscaping Ideas for your Fibreglass Pool

landscaping fibreglass pools

A fibreglass swimming pool is often the focal point of any yard, particularly during the summer months and landscaping around your pool can turn an average spot into a backyard oasis. In many cases, an ordinary pool will become a breathtaking showpiece once the proper landscaping is done. Landscaping around the pool is more than