Healthy Swimming

Be Safe with your swimming: Tips to Follow!!

A cool and refreshing swim is one of the most attractive points of having a crisp summer and a backyard fibreglass pool, but none of that matters if you’re not being alert for safety of your kids. Here’s a few things you should look out for when installing a pool in your backyard. Get a […]

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Landscaping in backyard Fibreglass Pool

5 Reasons you should definitely own a fibreglass pool!!

Read up to know more on why you should own a backyard pool:- 1. Water is FUN! This is a no brainer but still you can’t stress enough on the fact that having a private pool in your own backyard is not only comfortable for you but is also actually more fun than going to […]

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Fibreglass Plunge Pool Health

Using Contrast Therapy With Plunge Pools

There are times when the hot water plunge pool and the cold-water plunge pool are used after working out. This is a technique known as contrast therapy. During contrast therapy, blood vessels expand (because of hot water), and muscle fibers constrict (because of cold water). When you move from a cold-water plunge pool to a […]

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Warm Water Fibreglass Pool

Heated Fibreglass Pool Benefits

At an ideal temperature range of 33 and 36 degrees, warm water therapy can help many patients with musculoskeletal conditions and deficiencies. You can have a warm water pool for this purpose, right in your own backyard. Just find a reputable fiberglass pool installer and discuss your needs with them. Below are some of the […]

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Fibreglass Pool Aquatic Physical Therapy

Turn Your Fibreglass Pool Into A Pool For Aquatic Physical Therapy

Has your doctor told you to undergo physical therapy to improve your health and overall well-being? Then what you need is a place in your home, where you can engage in physical therapy while you relax. Why not turn your fibreglass pool into a pool you can use for aquatic physical therapy? Think about it. […]

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Fibreglass Pool Designs

Fibreglass Pools Designs, which is best for me?

If you are planning to install the Fibreglass Pool, it is the certainly a wise decision. Fibreglass pools are the ideal in-ground pool due to the low maintenance requirements and cost savings. The range of fibreglass pool shells offered by MFP Easy come with pool ColourGuard surface protection and a Lifetime Interior Surface Guarantee with […]

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Fibreglass Pool Health

Health Benefits of a Salt Water Fibreglass Pool

Investing in a saltwater fibreglass pool has many benefits, health being one of those. Below we’ll take a look at some health benefits of a saltwater pools: Safer for the body. Saltwater pools have low chlorine levels. A conventional pool has higher amounts of chlorine. A saltwater pool doesn’t require additional chlorine weekly. It only […]

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Selecting the right rectangular fibreglass swimming pool

Let’s face it, rectangular pools are the most symmetrical and stylish shapes for the current design period. Therefore, if you are looking for the perfect rectangular DIY fibreglass swimming pool, the following 5 factors should help you decide the right pool for you and your family. Available Swim Area Do you like to do uninterrupted […]

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Outdoor Sports

Outdoor Sports and Pool Combination

Hundreds of people flock to rec centers and to parks to play summer sports such as volleyball and badminton. Likewise, during the summer, thousands of people find the nearest water source to go swimming to beat the heat of a hot and humid day. What if you combined the two? Having a fibreglass pool Brisbane […]

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