Maintenance For Fibreglass Swimming Pools

Maintenance for Fibreglass pools

Fibreglass pools are popular among homeowners because of the economical and practical long run benefits. A fibreglass pool is generally composed of a Pre-fabricated fibreglass shell that arrives ready to be installed into your yard. Once the ground has been excavated, installing the fibreglass pool is quick and simple. If you just had one installed

Important things to know about fibreglass pools

Important things to know about fibreglass pools

A fibreglass pool is a pool worth every cent. Now that you are considering one for your back yard, it is only natural to want to know more about your investment. You and your family are going to love your new fibreglass swimming pool. Below are more things you should know about your new property

Know More About Fibreglass Swimming Pools

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Fibreglass pools have been a popular choice for many homeowners. As years pass, more and more of them make the purchase and are ultimately rewarded. For those who are not in the fibreglass pool club yet, a lot of improvements have been made on fibreglass pools already. The pool shells are of a much higher

Practical tips for new pool owners

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Congratulations on finally becoming the proud owner of a DIY fibreglass swimming pool. You and your family now love spending time in the pool, relaxing and enjoying yourselves. Reduce any future worries as a pool owner with these few practical tips. Be organized Keep all your pool receipts and manual in a safe and easily

Why Buy a Fiberglass In Ground Swimming Pool?

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An in ground swimming pool is the best way to soak up the sun and entertain guests without the stress of loading up the car and heading for a body of water that is miles away. A fiberglass-lined pool can also make a big difference in present and future durability from exposure to the weather

How to choose the best in ground pool

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Fiberglass pools Sydney homeowners want are usually from diy pool kits Sydney pool companies offer. Fiberglas pools are the considered the most ideal in ground pools that you could ever have. It may cost a bit more than other pools but you can be sure of its durability. Fiberglass pools Sydney pool owners choose are

Slides and Waterslides For Your Personal Pool


When it comes to your fiberglass pool, there are tons of different slides to choose from that can take your pool from normal to super fun! There are tunnel slides and twisting slides and a majority of them can even be made especially for your DIY fibreglass pool kits. If you have a waterfall wall

Fibreglass Pool Patio Materials

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Once you have decided on the DIY fibreglass pool kit package you want, it is time to look at your options for your pool patio materials. Choosing the patio materials should be done before the pool is installed as waiting will result in a delay in using your pool. You want the patio to be

Why Good Advice About Pool Chemicals is Important

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You finally got the fibreglass pool you’ve always wanted installed. Of course, now you need to maintain it and that includes the right chemical balance to keep the water clean and safe. Who do you turn to for that advice? You might think the best advice could be your neighbour who has had a pool