Maintenance For Fibreglass Swimming Pools

Fibreglass pools are popular among homeowners because of the economical and practical long run benefits. A fibreglass pool is generally composed of a Pre-fabricated fibreglass shell that arrives ready to be installed into your yard. Once the ground has been excavated, installing the fibreglass pool is quick and simple. If you just had one installed […]

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Forget the hotel and holiday in your own backyard

Have you had your heart set on transforming your backyard with a long time dream of installing a Fibreglass Pool? Yet, with holidays coming up quick you’ve already promised your family a relaxing vacation. Surely you can’t have both, or can you? What about this for a great idea to satisfy everyone, what if you […]

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Draining your DIY Pool

Why Draining your Fiberglass Pool is the Last Resort?

The DIY Fibreglass pool kits are such that they stand up well to the elements. Every year many people who own a fiberglass pool decide that the pool needs to be drained. They believe that this is necessary to get the pool clean for the coming season. This is simply not the case. Barring any […]

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Cleaning Fibreglass Pools

How to clean fibreglass pools

The attractive gloss of a fiberglass pool tells you that it is pristine and grime-free. After about a month of enjoying your new pool, you start to notice dark rings forming subtly around its water line. Don’t be disillusioned that it is just a shadow cast by the sun. That stain is not going away […]

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Fibreglass Pool Safety

Common Sense Pool Safety Tips

In every pool, whether it is a home swimming pool or a public pool there should always be someone who knows enough about life saving to be able to perform cpr and to attend to rescues even if there is not an actual lifeguard on duty. When you have a home swimming pool, one of […]

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Fibreglass Pool Skimmer

Upkeeping health and cleanliness of your Fibreglass Pool

The first thing that you should know is that when you own a fibreglass pool, the health and cleanliness of your pool  needs to be up kept. That means that the pool  water will always need cleaned. This doesn’t have to be as big of a chore as it sounds.  In many cases, people who […]

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Cleaning Fibreglass Pools

Tips for Choosing a Swimming Pool Cleaning Service

In today’s society, it has become more common for the average homeowner to have a pool, whether in ground or above. What most first time pool owners (or those who buy a home with a pool already there) don’t know is how to properly care for a pool. Swimming pools take a good deal of […]

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Pool PH Levels

What are the ideal PH Levels For Fibreglass Pools?

Once you’ve installed a DIY swimming pool, you’ll need to fill it with water. While most pool dealers will take the time to include an informational pamphlet with the information you need, others won’t provide you with the best pH levels for these fibreglass pools. Your pH level is important, because it lets you determine […]

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