Important things to know about fibreglass pools

A fibreglass pool is a pool worth every cent. Now that you are considering one for your back yard, it is only natural to want to know more about your investment. You and your family are going to love your new fibreglass swimming pool. Below are more things you should know about your new property […]

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Fibreglass Infinity Pools

Oasis Reflection and Starry Night Pools

For a great pool idea, you can create a lifted area where you can have an infinity pool overlooking a serene garden. The idea behind this pool and setting is for tranquility and peace of mind. When an infinity pool is raised, it gives the illusion that the water is flowing endlessly into the horizon. […]

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Tips for Choosing the Best Fibreglass Pool Shell For Your Home

As you choose fibreglass pool kits and their shells for your home, you need to consider a few things. While the fibreglass pool prices are important, your only focus shouldn’t be on finding cheap pools. Instead, you should look for a few important things before you purchase any of these from your local pool suppliers […]

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Inground Pool Cost

Beat the Heat without Beating up your Wallet

Who doesn’t like the idea of spending those hot summer days lounging in your very own pool? Many people allow the costs associated with getting a pool scare them away. Sure you can pick up an above ground at the local big box store, but who really wants a big puddle wrapped in blue plastic? […]

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Inground Swimming Pool

Choosing the right Pool for your Family – What are your Options?

If you’ve ever experienced even a single sweltering summer, chances are that you’ve at least considered getting a swimming pool. While getting a pool is a big decision, there are many decisions to be made after you taken that first step. Choosing the right pool is very important if you want to get the most […]

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Introducing the World's First Fibreglass Pool

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