Tips for planning your fibreglass pool install

Planning Fibreglass Pools in Brisbane

A fibreglass pool can help to boost the value of your property, while offering you a relaxing place you can lounge next to. But installing these pools does require more than just ordering a pool and waiting for a professional to install it. While the pool builders Brisbane residents can hire will handle the bulk

Do you really need a pool cover?

Inground Pool Covers

When you see the cost of a pool cover, you might wonder how important a pool cover really is. While pool covers may just seem like something that is tossed over your pool and forgotten, they actually are incredibly useful and with time generally pay for themselves. They Will Reduce Evaporation When summer heat is

Pools that require the most and least maintenance


An inground swimming pool provide a great place to relax and enjoy the outdoors while staying cool. However, if you’ve been considering an inground swimming pools, you know that you have several options. Three options for inground pools include fiberglass, concrete, and vinyl liner pools. One of the big concerns with a new swimming pool

Which pool pump speed is best


Pool pumps are essential for your pool. They help to filter our debris and reduce the growth of algae and other concerns by keeping the water moving. But with so many different speed options on the market, it can be a struggle to find the one that’s right for you. So should you choose a

How to keep your pool algae free


All swimming pool builders and owners know that algae is bound to spring up once the heat is on. Algae is one of the greatest challenges in owning a pool. It can be frustrating when you do not know how to remove them or prevent them from coming back. If you are a first time pool

What is the Best Pool Cover to Use for Your Pool?

Inground Pool Covers

Keeping your pool and your loved ones safe is important, which is why it’s important to have a pool cover. Your pool needs to be protected when it’s not in use, particularly during cold weather. When you purchase a pool, you also need to consider the purchase of a pool cover as well. What type of

The best way to keep your Pool Clean

Swimming Pool Cleaning

Everyone knows that there is some hard work involved in keeping your pool clean, particularly inground pools. Pool owners can take heart in knowing that there are ways to make your swimming pool maintenance easier. While the work can never be entirely eliminated (unless your hire a pool cleaning company), a few simple tips can

The Benefits of a Fibreglass Pool

fibreglass pool benifits

The perfect swimming pool will offer your family a great way to make new memories. However, a pool is a big investment, so it’s essential to choose the perfect option to fit your needs. Fibreglass pools  are popular choices as they offer so many benefits. As you make your decision, keep these benefits in mind. Benefit